• <p>Talkeetna townsite looking north. Village Airstrip is bottom right, 3 Rivers on left with RR bridge spanning the Talkeetna River. Main Street runs east- west.</p>


You can start this tour from any point but we suggest the Welcome to Beautiful Downtown Talkeetna sign (point #1 on your map) because most people enter town from that direction. The tour should take about an hour...unless you go inside some of the buildings -- get an ice cream from Nagley's store; have a drink at the Fairview Inn; try a piece of pie at the Talkeetna Roadhouse; grab a cup of espresso at Conscious Coffee; watch the fun film at the Ranger station. The walk through the museum itself will take between 20 minutes and an hour. The tour numbers do not match the walking tour map of town that is printed and available at the Museum.

Most of the tour goes down Main Street and returns back First Street which parallels Main Street to the south. If you choose to go to the riverfront for a view of the mountain range, you’ll be off pavement and on a short, sandy trail for about 25 yards.

Please respect private property where noted. This is our home year-round.

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